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Bimadirect is a state of the art internet based comparison and retail program for distribution of individual and group Insurance products to customers in India.

Our value proposition to customers is :

  • Quote Comparison
  • Expert Advice
  • Claim Assistance

With customer focus being our guiding principle, this no cost service helps customers to learn, compare and decide upon the purchase of insurance products. We get quotes from all insurance companies, offer price-feature comparison and help you make an informed choice. We guide you through your research and purchase process, and most importantly provide follow up assistance during claims should there be a need.

IRDAI License

  • Name of the Broker: Coretree Insurance Brokers (India) Private Limited.
  • IRDAI License Number - 437
  • Validity: 31-07-2018 to 30-07-2021
  • Category of License: Direct (Life & General)
  • Principal Officer: Atul Pandey
  • Contact Address: Moin Court, 6-2-46, A.C Guards, Masabtank, Hyderabad 500 004 (Telangana)
  • E-mail: ; Telephone (toll free): 1-800-108-8888; Web:
  • Board Composition: Amitabh Jitendra Chaturvedi, Brijesh Parnami, Atul Pandey and Nageswaran Narayanaswamy


To become a trusted insurance intermediary in India


  1. To our Customers: Help mitigate risks by providing objective information, expert advice and assistance on Insurance products.
  2. To our Associates: Provide positive team environment which emphasizes on associate dignity, equality and professional growth.
  3. To our Investors: Drive profitable growth of business and deliver healthy ROI while ensuring customer's interest at all times.
  4. To Statutory and Regulatory bodies: Ensure 100% compliance both in spirit and law.
  5. To the Society: Be a responsible corporate citizen focused on environment, community and society at large.


  1. Customer first: To anticipate, understand and meet needs of internal / external customers, ensuring high level of service delivery keeping in mind the CUSTOMER FIRST PRINCIPLE.
  2. Go for Big Hairy Audacious Goals: To set for ourselves clear, compelling and audacious goals. Transcending the fear of failure, criticism and ambiguity in an effort to set and achieve bigger targets.
  3. Be Frugal: Focusing on need-based resource utilization and to do more with less, while simultaneously working on continuous improvement and on-time delivery.
  4. Respect, Humility & Integrity: To respect and honor each individual’s unique talents, life choices & work styles. To be fair, humble, honest, transparent and ethical in conduct.
  5. Speed & Agility: To continue to deliver on responsibilities while anticipating and responding to the evolving environment.
  6. Solve Big Problems: Owning the task by taking responsibility for the process as well as the outcome. Ensuring that the decisions are taken at every level, avoiding upward delegation.
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